Hello friend, I’m Guru.

Product Designer focused on unifying disparate information systems through strategy and execution. I design omni-channel experiences for service agents, contact center supervisors, administrators, and end-users at Salesforce.

Selected Projects

Flag Raise and Whisper

Helping agents get their supervisor’s attention and chat with them to resolve complex customer issues.

In-App Message Search

Enabling customers to effortlessly search and revisit their past messages with businesses.

Supervisor Wallboard

Enabling supervisors to manage their contact center, gain real-time insights, identify hurdles and optimize performance, all in a glance.

Codesign Marketplace

Helping designers and engineers discover, search, and publish web components using Google Codesign’s Marketplace.

What I’ve been up to

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In 2023, I completed “MIT’s Designing and Building AI Products and Services” certification.


In 2022, I became a verified design mentor on ADPList. Currently, I’m one of the top 50 mentors in UX Engineering.

Salesforce UX Designer

In 2022, I earned the Salesforce UX Designer certification and gained knowledge of how to build and deploy human-centered experiences on the Salesforce Platform.

American Institute of Graphic Arts

In 2022, I was accepted into the AIGA New York’s Mentorship program as a design mentee.


In 2021, I was accepted as an Awwwards Young Jury. Here, I critiqued the best sites on the web based on design, content, usability, and creativity.


In 2020, I earned the Ranger status on Trailhead, an online platform to learn Salesforce.

In the Press

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