Hello there, I’m Guru.

Product designer simplifying complex information systems into inclusive people-centric experiences. Currently, I design experiences across a range of channels, including email, messaging, voice, and Omni-Channel for administrators, service agents, contact center supervisors, and customers at Salesforce. Feel free to view my work or get in touch via email or LinkedIn.

Recent Work

Case studies available upon request

Omni-Channel Home

Helping admins learn more about and set up Omni-Channel to route work items from different service channels to qualified, available agents in contact centers.

Agent Flag & Supervisor Whispers

Helping agents get their supervisor’s attention and chat with them with two-way private messaging to help resolve complicated customer issues.

Omni-Channel Wallboard

Giving supervisors insight into how well their contact center team is managing customer support workloads using key real-time metrics on a single pane of glass.

Enhanced Messaging for WhatsApp

Designed a self-service setup experience for WhatsApp in Salesforce that reduced the time for businesses to set up a channel from days to minutes.

Conversation Transfers

Enabling agents to transfer conversation messaging sessions to other agents when a customer needs extra help with an issue, or to make room for new requests.

Message Search History

Helping customers to quickly find previous messages in the conversation with the Search feature in Salesforce’s Messaging for In-App.

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