Hello friend, I’m Guru.

Product Designer focused on information systems, strategy, and execution. Currently I design multimodal, cross-channel experiences for service agents, contact center supervisors, administrators, and end-users at Salesforce.

Selected Projects

Outbound Messaging

Helping businesses reach out to their customers with personalized outbound messages.

Messaging Setup Experiences

Simplifying the setup and management of messaging channels across Service Cloud.

Flag Raise and Whisper

Helping agents get their supervisor’s attention and chat with them to resolve complex customer issues.

In-App Message Search

Enabling customers to effortlessly search and revisit their past messages with businesses.

Supervisor Wallboard

Enabling supervisors to manage their contact center, gain real-time insights, identify hurdles and optimize performance, all in a glance.

Codesign Marketplace

Helping designers and engineers discover, search, and publish web components using Google Codesign’s Marketplace.

What I’ve been up to

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In 2023, I completed “MIT’s Designing and Building AI Products and Services” certification.


In 2022, I became a verified design mentor on ADPList. Currently, I’m one of the top 50 mentors in UX Engineering.

Salesforce UX Designer

In 2022, I earned the Salesforce UX Designer certification and gained knowledge of how to build and deploy human-centered experiences on the Salesforce Platform.

American Institute of Graphic Arts

In 2022, I was accepted into the AIGA New York’s Mentorship program as a design mentee.


In 2021, I was accepted as an Awwwards Young Jury. Here, I critiqued the best sites on the web based on design, content, usability, and creativity.


In 2020, I earned the Ranger status on Trailhead, an online platform to learn Salesforce.

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