This is a collection of my work over the past few years. I’m extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on diverse projects that solve for both business and user needs early on in my career. Feel free to contact me to learn more about these projects.

Facebook Messenger Setup

Designing setup experiences for Facebook Messenger in Salesforce and enabling admins to control how incoming messages are routed to agents, queues, or bots.

WhatsApp Channel Setup

Designing setup experiences for WhatsApp in Salesforce and enabling admins to control how incoming messages are routed to agents, queues, or bots.

Omni-Channel Home

Helping admins learn more about and set up Omni-Channel to route incoming work items from different service channels to qualified, available agents in contact centers.

Agent Flag & Supervisor Whispers

Helping agents get their supervisor’s attention and chat with them with two-way private messaging to help resolve complicated customer issues.

Supervisor Custom Actions

Enabling supervisors to edit the supervisor configuration to specify which tabs show custom actions.

Message Search History

Helping customers to quickly find previous messages with the Search feature in Messaging for In-App.

Conversation Transfers

Enabling agents to transfer conversation messaging sessions to other agents when a customer needs extra help with an issue, or to make room for new requests.

Blue Water Scholarship Fund

Revamping BWSF’s website though user-centered design to help students learn about maritime programs and apply to the fund. In partnership with

Digital Engagement Setup

Standardizing the Service Cloud digital channel setup experience using Salesforce Lightning Design System principles.

Google Codesign Marketplace

Helping interaction designers, product managers and engineers discover, search, and publish Angular components in a web-based prototyping tool.


Co-creating value in local food networks through Community Supported Agriculture, information transparency, and personalization.

Georgia Aquarium’s Predators

Augmented Reality experience designed for the Magic Leap 1 to change the visitors' perception of sharks from fear to fascination.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Helping ASO gather rich feedback in the most non-intrusive manner from the audience of their Musicians In Communities program.


Helping graduate students discover and apply to research and teaching assistantships at the Georgia Institute of Technology.