Book tickets to Motorsport events & Discover tracks for Racing


Showkali is an app that allows bikers and automobile enthusiasts to book tickets to motorsport events and discover tracks for racing. It was inspired by a project I had to submit for the Mobile App Development Lab at my university - titled "Motorsport".


One of the main goals while coming up with digital product ideas is to make sure that the digital product, in this case, a mobile application, has to be possible to implement. Another factor is to find who the app caters to. In my case, I went on looking around for what my peers do in their summer and winter vacations. One popular hobby that a lot of people had was riding bikes and traveling across the country. In India, it is common for people to travel from Chennai to Manali or Ladakh - by bike, and that served as the inspiration for this app.


In the software engineering process, the first phase corresponds to the gathering of user requirements and needs. I had gathered this data from creating a simple survey on Google Forms by asking a couple of questions. I found out that people are usually interested in two major things:

  1. Finding new racetracks and locations

  2. Finding racing events and booking tickets

Using this information I had categorized the requirements into functional and non-functional requirements.


After I had analyzed and documented user requirements, I started to develop a prototype app to test the basic functionality. I had used Swift 4 and Xcode to create a working iOS app.


  1. Setting up a Table View Controller

  2. Populating cells within a TableView

  3. Navigating between a TableView and a Detail View Controller

  4. AutoLayout and setting up constraints

  5. How to incorporate MapKit within my application


I observed that, while the functionality of the mobile app was working perfectly, the design looked very stale and mundane. In order to create a better application, I used Sketch to come up with the below results: